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Full Scores

Countdown To Catastrophy - National Geographic (2011)
MegaQuake: Hour that Shook Japan, National Geographic Doomsday Earth Mega Tsunami
Border Wars (2009-2012)
Seasons 1 - 6. The Battle Over Illegal Immigration. Series on National Geographic Channel. In production now. View IMDB listing | Watch on Hulu
Hoarding: Buried Alive (2009-2012)
Engineering Nature (2009)
Volcanoes, Hurricanes & Earthquakes. The NEW series on THE DISCOVERY CHANNEL
Hi-tech War On Terror (2009)
National Geographic goes behind-the-scenes to look at some of the cutting-edge technologies being developed by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to detect, deter, and defeat terrorist.
Monster Tracker (2009)
Discovery Channel. Composing for pilot. In production
Somali Pirate Takedown-the Real Story (2009)
Navy SEALs take action to free cargo ship Capt. Richard Phillips from the pirates holding him hostage off the coast of Somalia. On THE DISCOVERY CHANNEL
Evolve (2008)
13 part EMMY winning series for the History Channel. Why some species became extinct while others survived the cutthroat competition.
Hawaii (2008)
AERIAL AMERICA, Once again Smithsonian Channel is aiming to do what has never been done before - filming the entire United States - from sea to shining sea- from the air and entirely in HD.
The Great Barrier Reef (2008)
Smithsonian Networks presents a stunning look at the world's largest coral reef. A conglomeration of some 3,000 reefs & 600 islands stretching more than 1,250 miles along Australia's northeast coast
Truth & Consequence (2008)
Should we believe the kid? A Documentary on children's memory in court cases.
Turtle Dance (2008)
Turtle Dance tells the story of the world’s most endangered sea turtle and its will to survive against all odds.
Decoding Nostradamus (2007)
Legend surrounds the 14th-century apothecary and his prophecies. on The Discovery Channel from the BBC
Most Evil (season 2) (2007)
Dr. Michael Stone's examines the criminal mind with a scale he created that decodes a killer's motive, method and mind. A 25 part series on Discovery
Spirit & Sound: Music For The Dalai Lama (2007)
An Interactive installation in the Johnson Museum at Cornell University. Music to accompany the building of the Sand Mandala for the Dalai Lama's visit
The Nuremberg Trials (2007)
In November 1945, surviving representatives of the Nazi elite stood before an international military tribunal in Nuremberg, Germany. A compelling documentary from the BBC
The Undersea World Of Sheikh Abdulmoshin (2007)
HD Documentary special, filmed throughout 20 countries, on the Save Our Seas Foundation.
Dallas Swat (2006)
Watch SWAT teams from Dallas, Detroit and Kansas City pursue arrest warrants, drug busts, and alleged bank robbery suspects on SWAT - Weekly series on A&E TV
Most Evil (season 1) (2006)
This landmark series forensically deconstructs the wicked deeds of the world's most notorious serial killers and analyzes their psychological make-up. An 8 part series on Discovery
The Ones We Were Waiting For (2006)
A short film shot & produced by Ron Riddle for The Dream Project, a not for profit organization helping people in the Dominican Republic
The Underwater World Of The United Arab Emirates: Dugongs Of Abu Dhabi (2006)
HD Documentary for the Save Our Seas Foundation. Winner: Gold Millennium Award; Runner-up Santa Barbara Film Festival
Arctic Rush (2005)
A predicted thaw in the Arctic ice cover combined with a search for energy supplies is leading a new race in the Arctic
If I Could (2005)
Sally Fields narrates this compelling documentary feature that shows one family's attempt to escape the long tern effects of trauma after decades of abuse abandonment, drugs and rage.
Barefoot Through Fire (2004)
Fire-walking is the act of walking barefoot over a bed of hot coals. A film on bazaar religious rituals of India for TLC
The Wonder Beneath (2004)
Caves of the National Parks for Discovery and the National Parks
Building The Impossible: The Roman Catapult (2003)
A team of engineers and scientists must try to recreate the catapult, the most complex of all Roman war machines. On TLC -from the BBC
For The People (2003)
Discovery HD & The National Parks
Moses & The Exodus (2003)
TLC Feature from the BBC
Santa Monica Mountains (2003)
Discovery HD Theater and The National Parks
Secrets Of Alaska’s National Parks (2003)
for Discovery & The Travel Channel An insider's look at the amazingly varied gateways and parklands of our wildest state.
After The Fall (2002)
World Trade Center disaster for TLC
Escape From Experiment Island (2002)
Teams stranded on a Scottish island face a series of engineering challenges in order to escape in this six-part series from the BBC on TLC
Island Of The Pygmy Mammoth (2002)
In 1994, paleontologists made the remarkable discovery of a pygmy mammoth on Santa Rosa Island, the most complete collection of its kind in the world. A Discovery Channel Special.
Protect And Serve (2002)
Cops in the suburbs of Los Angeles deal with personal and professional issues.
Armageddon On Wheels (2001)
explodes through your television sets with an apocalyptic collection of stunts and extreme machines! On the Learning Channel and DVD
Cnn Presents (2001)
title theme music for the series on CNN
Moorpark 24/7 (2001)
This is a reality series that follows students at Moorpark College in Los Angeles as they learn how to deal with the ups and downs of animal management. a 15 episode TV series for Animal Planet.
Robocritters (2001)
A Discovery Channel Special from the BBC about the creation of the first line of consumer-friendly robots that are modeled after animals & insects
The Ultimate Guide (2001)
Title Theme music for the series on The Discovery Channel.
True Colors (2001)
A Learning Channel Special on World War 2
Air Traffic Controllers (2000)
for the Understanding series on The Learning Channel.

Produced by Roundabout Productions

Asian Elephants (2000)
National Geographic Explorer International, Best Independent Film - International Wildlife Film Festival
Eco Challenge Special, Medicine In The Extreme (2000)
The Discovery Channel HD & Health Channel. Narrated by Alan Rickman
Pollinators In Peril (2000)
with Peter Fonda, Wildlife Adventures, Turner Original Productions & National Wildlife Federation
The Detonators (2000)
The Detonators takes you inside the explosive-packed world of professional demolition engineers as they use all their skills to fire off the perfect blast.
Troubled Waters (2000)
Ed Begley, Jr. explores the Florida Everglades, home to hundreds of rare animal and plant species now endangered by encroaching civilization. Turner Original Productions
Understanding (2000)
title theme music for the series on The Learning Channel
Quantico: The Making Of An Fbi Agent (1999)
Go inside the FBI's National Academy in Quantico Virginia, the secretive facility that acts as the testing and proving ground for this nation's finest law enforcement personnel.On Discovery and DVD
Showdown At Grizzly River (1999)
A two year old Grizzly Bear named Tuffy negotiates the complexities of bear society near the MacNeil River of Alaska.WNET/NATURE, PBS
Swift Water Rescue (1999)
Narrated by Ed Answer , Discovery Pictures
Wild City (1999)
Actress and model Isabella Rossellini goes on a safari to discover the wildlife in New York City. Winner of the Cine Golden Eagle Award
Wildlife Legacy (1999)
A look at some of the world's best wildlife photographers and artists, and their children who are following in their footsteps. , Turner Original Productions & National Wildlife Federation.
American Wilderness Series , Hit Entertainment

- (1998)

Forbidden Depths (1998)
a two hour special on the Discovery Channel, produced by Al Giddings & Jim Lipscomb. Narrated by Martin Sheen
Hunting The Dinosaur, The Link To The Lost World (1998)
Learning Channel
Moose On The Loose (1998)
Cinematographer/writer James Lipscomb visits Alaska to explore the complex relationships forged between moose and humans. Animal Planet , Turner Original Productions
The Great Bison Chase (1998)
with Harry Hamlin. Wildlife Adventures, Turner Original Productions. Finalist at the International Wildlife Adventure Festival.
Understanding Tunnels (1998)
A movie about tunnels
A Meerkat Family Saga (1997)
Discovery/CBS Special. This features the trials of "Digger" and his family as they struggle to survive. This is a very dark but realistic look at the lives of this small group Meerkats
Africa's Elephant Kingdom (1997)
Discovery Pictures, Large Format IMAX Film, 70 Perf (Trailer)
Loons (1997)
Peter Roberts American Wilderness Series / Hit Entertainment
Wild Discovery: The Great Siberian Grizzly (1997)
Filmed on the Kamchatka Peninsula in far eastern Russia, This Discovery Channel documentary was the winner of the Cable Ace Award for Best Environmental/Nature Documentary Special
Wolf In The Water: The Piranha (1997)
Explores the myth and mystique surrounding these exotic creatures while documenting the habits and behavior of the various species that comprise its widespread and vastly different family.
Audubon's Animal Adventures: The Manatee (1996)
a documentary for children and their parents about Florida's West Indian manatees. OnThe Disney Channel (Winner of the Genesis Award for Best Children's Series).
Wild Babies Of Yellowstone (1996)
ICV Films
Wild Horses , Peter Roberts , Hit Entertainment. (1996)
Wild Horses can be purchased through:
Across Time And Space (1995)
Photosynthesis Productions for PBS
Inventors And Inventions (1995)
National Geographic Television
Invitation To Engineering (1995)
Cornell University, Insights Productions
Sun. Earth. Moon. (1995)
National Geographic Television
Cornell University Promotional Video (1994)
Photosynthesis Productions
The Allnighter (1987)
Comedy Feature Film Released by Anchor Bay Entertainment. The movie stars Susanna Hoffs, Dedee Pfeiffer, Joan Cusack and Pam Grier.
Teothiucan: The Place Of The Gods (1977)
Pyramid Films


Partial Scores

National Geographic: Alaskan Bush Pilots

The Discovery Channel: The Haunted, Pacific Secrets: Pearl Harbor, Anxious, Carnivorous Ants, Cell Block 6 Female Lock Down, Dive to the Bottom of the World, MegaQuake: Hour that Shook Japan , Wild Kingdom, Wild Russia, Freaky Eaters, Seven Wonders, I Was DEad, Ingenious Minds, Invasion of the Giant Jellyfish, Life, What On Earth?, Weird True & Freaky, Untamed & Uncut, My Strange Addiction , My Strange Phobia, Oceans Blue, Ancient Life, The Mayan Mystery, Country Justice, Exorcists, The, Extreme Clutter, Human Nature, I, Caveman (Curiosity), Long Island Medium, Madagascar , Ned Bruha: Skunk Whisperer, On the Case with Paula Zahn (Season 3), One Man Army, Patient Ed: Health IT: Advancing Care, Empowering Patients, Penn & Teller Tell a Lie, Raising The Dead, Saved, Alaska Wing Men

Professional Experience

Drummer for Blue Oyster Cult(CBS) World Tours.


Drummer & Composer for Happy the Man, for info see:


Film Composer & Independent Producer of Soundtracks


Panelist, "The Art of the Score" Wildlife Film Festival, Jackson Hole, WY.


Guest Lecturer/Workshop Presenter, Ithaca College School of Music


Drummer for David Broza, National Tour.


Composed and orchestrated the symphony, "Journey"


Drummer for Sturat Hamm(#1 Bassist in Downbeat Polls) National Tour.


Producer, Composer/Arranger for The Burns Sisters (CBS Records).


Grants and Awards

Winner of the Merit Award for


Winner of the New York Foundation of the Arts Special Opportunity Award for the completion of the symphonic work "Journey".


Albums Recorded and Studio Work

Edangered Species, CBS Records, The Burns Sisters

Produced by David Kershenbaum


The Burn Sisters Band CBS Records Co-Producer.

Composed and arranged all songs.

Drums, keyboards and keyboard programming.

"LIsten to the Beat of a Heart" -Charted #11 nationwide Adult Contemporary Radio.

"I Wonder Who's Out Tonight" Top Ten Hit on many stations.

Miss Teenage America Theme Song 1988.


Dogface Gary Windo Rounder Records

Drums - Ron Riddle


Happy the Man - Crafty Hands. Artista Records


The Red and the Black Blue Oyster Cult side project.

Producer & Drums - Ron Riddle


John Sebastian (The Lovin' Spoonful) Bearsville Studios, Woodstock, NY.

Drums - Ron Riddle


Mick Ronson (David Bowie) Utopia Studios, Bearsville, NY.

Drums - Ron Riddle


Pam Window and the Shades - Bearsville Studios, Woodstock, NY.

Drums - Ron Riddle


The Cars - Ric Ocasek, Benjamin Orr and Greg Hawkes

Drums - Ron Riddle.


The Starland Vocal Band - Warner Brothers Studios, NY, NY.

Drums and percussion - Ron Riddle

Produced By Milt Oaken



Arranging and Composition, Berklee College of Music, Boston, Massachusetts.